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"Unique Vintage Jewelry & Vintage Clothing are our passion. We are purveyors of all things Gypsy and Bohemian because we are Bohemian Gypsies!"

The Bohemian Goddess is the creator of Gypsy's Jewels
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Bohemian Elegance Vintage Clothing Directory

Dresses • Coats • Gowns • Skirts • Vests

20's through the 80's

Vintage Baseball Shirt
Saturday Evening Post


Vintage Sequin
Silk Jacket


Geoffrey Cat Jacket
1930's Gypsy Coat


Vintage Faux Fur
Leopard Coat


Deep River
Woodsman Gabardine


Beaded Red & Gold
60's Lamé Sandals


1920'2 Vintage Gown


Vintage Bonwit Teller
Wool Suite

Vintage Steampunk Scrubs
Shirt LARP

Vintage Beaded Purse


60's Eye-ful
Gown and Robe

Vintage Faux
Lamb Jacket



Civil War Style
Plum Taffeta Gown

Vintage Giacca
Denim Jacket


Red Silk Jacket


Whitting Davis Mesh Bag


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If you live in the Tampa Bay area you can save shipping costs by contacting me to picking the item in Dunedin, Florida.