Bohemian Elegance Portfolio of Past Designs - Costumes
Each item is a unique custom design created by The Bohemian Goddess

These photos show some of my past designs that have sold. Many of my photos have been stolen. Many of them were taken by people who have posted to Pinterest. From there they have been stolen many times over. People are using my intellectual property to promote their sites and their own products. Others have taken them and are turning them into 'wallpaper' and telling more people they too may use my property for themselves. If you see my photos on other sites please email me with the URL and/or let the owner of the site know they are stolen property.


Dragonfly Corset 2010

Dragonfly Corset, back detail

Goddess Ceres

Romany Gypsy 2010

Queen of Hearts Costume 2015 - shown with cape

Queen of Hearts Costume 2015 - shown without cape

Queen of Hearts 2010

Joker Costume 2011

Poison Ivy Costume 2012

Poison Ivy Costume 2012 - with Ivy Sunglasses

Batgirl Costume

1940's Wonder Woman Costume 2013

Spider Witch Gown 2011

Spider Witch Gown detail
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