Merry Meet and Blessed Be     I am AngelinaGianna The Mystic Bohemian™

If you are here, you are searching for answers. One of my jobs this lifetime is to deliver messages. They are not always pretty or happy. I don't buffer or sugarcoat what I see or hear. I swear like a drill sergeant and Sarcasm is my first language. I cannot fix or save you, nor would I want to... that's your job. However, I often have answers that will help you make the best choices on your journey through this life.

I have been reading since I was 14... that's 51 years. I'm probably the only reader on youtube who was sent to the principals office, several times, for 'Telling Fortunes' in the middle school homeroom. Yes, the photo is me... 18 years ago. Why not a more recent one? Because I really hate when people come up to me in public and start asking me for an on the spot reading. And that photo gives you a very good idea of just how many Scorpio planets I have.


I post free Readings for both male and female Zodiac Signs & whatever else the voices tell me to.
One of the voices is my dead sister Laurel. You may hear me talk to her during readings.

I offer several types of Private Video Readings

   1 Question, 3 card Reading for $20.00 USD

   A 30 Minute Reading for $65.00 USD

   A 1 Hour Reading for $100.00 USD

To purchase a reading send me an email at
Include your name, birth information: month, date, and year and the type of reading you want.
I will then send you a Paypal invoice.

You may also pay with on your phone.

Here are some recent comments!

Bob W. •
Thank you very much for this reading, we will have to see how it all plays out and I'm very excited, ??????

a wake up one •
All the love to you and to your sister ??
Butiful reading.. Thank you

Sara Jade •
Dead on. I know something's up. He better speak up! Lol. Libra woman please?

Bob W. •
Thanks for the readings, she is the one holding information, she did me wrong after 26 years of marriage. She is with someone from her work. So I guess I'm fucked...

Bob W. •
Thanks for the information, now you got me looking for a woman, and her name has to start with an S...

Judi Campbell •
I had a reading where I asked to focus on my career and she pulled up all the issues in my life related to relationships that were spot on! Great insight!

Bob W. •
Thanks for all the great information and I’m a Capricorn sun Virgo moon
Thanks for all the readings you do
Sounds like you have some great stories to tell

Allison Barnes •
One of the most talented intuitive readers I've come across. Spot on, no punches pulled, empathic and just amazing.

Beth Campbell •
This lady is just amazing!!! I love her readings. Always spot on. Almost scary accurate.

When you purchase a reading I will send you a private link where only you can view your reading via YouTube, from the email address you provide me. I will also want your birth information: month, date, and year.
When my schedule is full there will be longer wait times.
I do accept reservations for weekly or monthly readings, to be paid for in advance.

Please watch for a confirmation email within 24 hours of paying the invoice.
Please check your spam folder, as I have had some clients inform me that my email went straight to spam. If after checking your spam folder you still do not have an email from me, send me an email with the subject READING EMAIL in caps. Include the date and type of reading, the type of payment and the name it was paid under.

You must be 18 years of age to Purchase a Reading.

  Twitter: @MysticBohemian
I post Oracle card(s) several times a week.

 Facebook: (link coming)


My resume also includes but is not limited to: Author, Artist, Costume Designer and Pagan Crone.
I work for the Great Mother Goddess and am one of Thor's voices as well as many of the Old Gods.

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