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I am The Bohemian Goddess™, owner of Bohemian I am a purveyor of all things Gypsy and Bohemian because we are Bohemian Gypsies! Creating unique wearable art from vintage clothing is one of my passions. Each season's collection is filled with exquisite Fairy Costumes and my newer line of Victorian Steampunk costumes and accessories, as well as my custom Corpse Bride wedding gowns. I am also the creator of Gypsy's Jewels™ which are enchanted wearable art charm bracelets.


We will be at The 2018 Greensboro, NC Summer Solstice Celebration !

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What is Bohemian Elegance? picture of Dove
I have miles of Bohemian pearls.
The fox hat is mine, the Estavez gown is sold.
"Yes, I am wearing a lamp shade...
but it is a vintage couture lampshade!"

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Bohemian Gypsy Prayer
Gula Devla, da me saschipo. Swuntuna Devla, da me bacht t' aldaschis cari me jav; te ferin man, Devla, sila ta niapaschiata, chungale manuschendar, ke me jav ande drom ca hin man traba; ferin man, Devia; ma mek man Devla, ke manga man tre Devies-key.
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