Gypsy's Jewels Charm Bracelet 'For Love or Money
What wouldn't you do for Love or Money?

This is one of my favorite creations. The passion of my gypsy heritage vibrates through the rich reds, hot purples and jet black. These jewel tones play off the shinny faux pearls and tiny gold coins. If you wish to draw money to you, wear money! Gypsy's put their coins on their bracelets to draw the money magic down. It also prevented loss from theft by pickpockets and cutpurses during the Renaissance.

The vintage link bracelet is studded with rhinestones and has a hidden clasp. The sparkle of the rhinestones attracts elves. I keep finding them sitting on the charms watching the sunlight flash off the rhinestones. I'm sure a few of them will stay with it when it sells. Elf money magic is very powerful. Once they are in your home I would make them welcome by providing them a home of their own. Win them over and they will work their money enchantments for you.

It's 7 1/2" long. This treasure is extravagant and flashy with an Art Deco flavor. The array of vintage beads and buttons are amazing. The photos do not even come close to showing the sparkle and fire. This was created for a woman with a wild gypsy heart. Not to be worn by the gentle or meek. It is an empowering piece so be careful what you ask for.

For Love or Money bracelet movie HERE

Offered at $125.00
Sale Price $78.00

Most Gypsy art falls under the Altered Art category. I have always called it Found Art... Because I found the materials and inspiration in very strange places. Perhaps it is the Gypsy Sight the enables me to see the alternative lives these pieces could have and it is this promise of what could be that guides my hands in the creating of these treasures.

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