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Vintage Faux Lamb Jacket

This is a very chic Victorian or Steampunk faux lamb jacket with three quarter length sleeves, gross grain ribbon trimmed slash pockets, three large decorative buttons and a real fur shawl collar. I think the collar is fox. It's soft and plush. The fabric is woven to create the pattern found on real sheared lamb. Black on black is hard to photograph. The true color is black for the jacket. The fur is black but the color varies because it's real. Great with jeans and a rhinestone necklace. Fantastic with Gothic lace cuffs and a Steampunk gown. For brides planning a Gothic wedding this is a wonderful selection... just enough to keep the chill off the bride and still very stylish. My sourcebook dates it as mid 50's. The maker is Winter.

The collar to hem is 21"
Across the shoulders is 15-1/2"
Across the chest is 19"
The sleeve is 18"

Price $ 35
Item BECC825

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Vintage Faux Lamb Jacket
Vintage Faux Lamb Jacket Vintage Faux Lamb Jacket
  Vintage Faux Lamb Jacket
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