Bohemian Elegance is the professional site of the Bohemian Goddess! Here you may also connect with another amazing artist, Vylet Noble owner of Tribal Treasures, creator of handcrafted Gypsy and Tribal clothing... as well as Gothic and Rockabilly wearable art.

It's a full time job just keeping the web site up to date. I have about 4 ful time jobs... this means the web site is not always accurate. Please email with any questions.

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Gypsy's Jewels Charm Bracelets are selling very quickly. I make them, take the photos, get a thumb nail posted. By the time I get to making the page it's sold! Therefore some have full pages and others don't.
"I have miles of Bohemian pearls. The fox hat is mine, the Estavez gown is sold." "Yes I am wearing a lamp shade... But it is made from vintage couture!"

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By the Goddess's way on this day I call to thee to give to me your might, by the power of three I conjure thee to protect all that surrounds me, so mote it be , so mote it be, so mote it be 3 times 3 time 3.
Bohemian Gypsy prayer
Gula Devla, da me saschipo. Swuntuna Devla, da me bacht t' aldaschis cari me jav; te ferin man, Devla, sila ta niapaschiata, chungale manuschendar, ke me jav ande drom ca hin man traba; ferin man, Devia; ma mek man Devla, ke manga man tre Devies-key.