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My pieces are all one of a kind. I will not make another 'just the same' or exactly same' again. Each gown and costume has subtle differences. If you are looking for something special let me know. You would be amazed at what comes in and out of my studio!

To purchase an item from my web site just Email me and I'll send you a Paypal invoice.

Custom Designed Costumes For Sale by the Bohemian Goddess

1940's Wonder Woman Costume
custom order $375.00

Batgirl Costume
2012 $375.00

Black Magic
2009 $100.00

Candy Corn Witch
Custom Order $225.00

Ragamuffin Witch Costume
2010 $159.00

Scarlett's 12 Oaks Barbecue Dress
straw hat and lace parasol included
2011 $125.00

Gothic Ragamuffin Corset Costume 2010

Spider Witch Frock
2010 $75.00

Elegant Feathered Witch Costume
2011 $75.00

Velvet Enchantress Costume
2011 $89.00

Steampunk Corset
2010 $200.00

School Girl Costume
2009 $49.99

Sheena Queen
of the Jungle Costume
2009 $115.00

SOLD Costumes & Gothic Wedding Gowns

Tribal Gypsy Costume 2010
$150.00 SOLD

Vixen Witch Custom
Halloween Costume
2010 $165.00 SOLD

1940's Wonder Woman
2010 $ SOLD

Witchy Woman
Halloween Costume

$99.99 SOLD

Black Widow Gown
2009 $177.00 SOLD NC

The Moulin Rouge Fairy
2009 $200.00 SOLD



Halloween Pumpkin Pouf Costume 2010
$165.00 SOLD

Joker Costume 2010
$ 565.00 SOLD

Pirate Wench Corset Costume 2009
$225.00 SOLD
Poison Ivy Corset 2010
$250.00 SOLD

Queen Of Hearts Custom Costume 2010

Gothic Hand Painted
Wedding Gown
2009 $700.00 SOLD

Witches Ball Gown
2009 $360.00 SOLD

Steampunk Gown
2010 $360.00 SOLD

Violet Fairy Gown
2010 $200.00 SOLD

Mrs Lovette Costume
2009 Sold

Dragonfly Fae Costume
2010 $210.00 SOLD

Forest Nymph Tunic
2009 SOLD TO London UK

Steampunk Ragamiffin Gown
2010 $150.00 SOLD

Tatiana Fairy Queen Costume
2010 $260.00 SOLD

Corpse Bride Costume
2009 Sold

Jules Vern Gown
2010 SOLD to Charlette NC

Winter Fairy
2010 Sold to PA

Corpse Bride IV

Along Came A Spider
2008 S

Verde Wood Nymph
Custome Costume


Gothic Wedding Gown
2010 SOLD to Las Vegas NV

Mrs. Lovett
Custom Costume

2008 SOLD

Deadly Nightshade
Custome Fairy Costume

2009 sold New York NY

Corpse Bride Costume
2008 Sold

Raven Rose
2010 Sold

December Fairy
2009 Sold

Corpse Bride Costume
2008 Sold

Mrs. Lovett
Custom Costume

2009 SOLD

2009 Sold CA

Corpse Bride IV
Custome Wedding Gown

2009 sold

Along Came a Spider
2008 Sold

Tribal Gypsy Costume
2008 Sold

Violetta II
2009 Sold

Along Came a Spider
2009 Sold

Custom Poka Dot
Pixie Costume

2008 sold

Corpse Bride II
2007 sold

Raven Witch
Gown & Hat


Southern Bell Gown
2008 Sold to MA

Corpse Bride I

Steampunk Bustle Gown
Neo Victorian Costume
2009 sold

Rainbow Fairy Costume

Gothic Fairy Costume

Gothic Steampunk
Costume LARP

Fire Sprite Costume

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