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Handpainted Corpse Bride Gowns
Custom Designed Wedding Gowns and Costumes For Sale by the Bohemian Goddess

My pieces are all one of a kind. I will not make another 'just the same' or exactly same' again. Each gown has subtle differences. If you are looking for something special let me know. You would be amazed at what comes in and out of my studio!

To purchase an item from my web site just Email me and I'll send you a Paypal invoice.


A word about this gown....

This is a photo of one of my Corpse Bride inspired gowns. It sold in 2009. It's still out there in many places on the web. Almost every day I get at least one email asking for a gown JUST like that one.

The truth about that gown is... it was a great photo shoot day. The lighting was perfect. There was just a whisper of a breeze. The original gown was a custom gown, 34" - 24" 36" . Most women do not have a 10 inch difference between their bust and their waist. It's also important to realize that the dress form is only about 4 1/2' tall in the photo. It was the only way to shoot the hem. The dress was so small it's not zipped up in the back.

My point is ... your measurements need to be 34" - 24" 36" to have your gown look like that on you.

Diana is my mannequin. She is very lovely. She makes the most of just about anything we put on her. How ever one must remember she is 6' tall. Her shoulders are not over her hips she is in mid-turn. She has a small bust. Some gowns are just too large for her. We pin and clip as best we can but on occasion it falls far short of a perfect fit.

Corpse Bride Inspired Wedding Gowns and Costumes
I make two styles of this gown. The High Fashion and the Film version. The Film version has the tear in the bodice with ribs showing. The veil is opaque and tattered with a crown of dead silk flowers. The bouquet is also composed of dead looking silk flowers.
The tear can be added to a gown but not removed once it's there.The High Fashion version has no tear. The silk flowers are dyed to match the gown but they are not dead. The veil can be the opaque or any length of wither white or blue French net.
The crown, veil and bouquet are included in the price of the gown.

Custom Corpse Bride
Costume Gown $499.00

Custom Corpse Bride I
Wedding Gown $699.00

Custom Corpse Bride II
Wedding Gown $700.00

bust 34"- 36"
waist 25" 31"
hips at hip bone 38"
waist to hem 43

bust 32"- 34"
waist 24" 27"
hips at hip bone 36"
bodice to hem 53

bust 29" to 34"
waist 25" to 28"
hem 30" to 36"
waist 25"- 28"
hips at hip bone 38"
waist to hem 36"

Gothic Wedding Gown Hand Painted

High Goth Wedding Gowns

French Gothic II

Gothic Hand Painted Wedding Gown
2010 $700.00


Gothic Queen of the Zombies $675.00

Undead Prom Queen $199.00

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
Gothic Hand Painted Gown $138.00

Victorian Gothic Wedding Gown $750.00

Gothic Wedding Gown
Queen of the Vampires

French Quarter VooDoo Queen I
Gothic Gown 2010 $675.00
Steampunk Gowns

Steampunk Satin Skirt
2010 $210.00

Jules Vern II
2010 $700.00

Sepia Steampunk Gown
2010 $299.00

Sweeney Todd
Custom Costume
2009 $260.00

Gothic Bridal Crowns, Veils & Silk Bouquets

In the table below there are several styles of Gothic Bridal Crowns, Veils & Bouquets that I either have in stock or have made for my past brides. This maybe helpful in selecting the style of the set you would like for your gothic wedding gown. A crown, veil & bouquet are included with the purchase of a gothic wedding gown. These may also be ordered or purchased separately from a gown. My other floral crowns are located on my Fairy Costume page. Fairy Costumes

Gothic Wedding Gown
2010 SOLD

Gothic Hand Painted
Wedding Gown
2009 SOLD

Corpse Bride Wedding
Veil & Crown 2010 $59.00

Victorian Gothic
Veil & Crown 2011

Corpse Bride Costume Crown
2008 Sold

Summer Gothic Rose Crown
2011 SOLD

Corpse Bride Rose
Crown &Veil 2010 SOLD $55.00

Gothic Gray Bouquet
2010 SOLD

Gothic Hydrangia
Bouquet 2012 $48.00

Lily & Rose Bouquet
2010 SOLD

French Quarter Gothic
2011 SOLD

Corpse Bride Blue Rose
Bouquet 2011 SOLD
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