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My pieces are all one of a kind. I will not make another 'just the same' or exactly same' again. Each gown and costume has subtle differences. If you are looking for something special let me know. You would be amazed at what comes in and out of my studio!

To purchase an item from my web site just Email me and I'll send you a Paypal invoice.

Getting the band back together?

Once again my addiction for fabric has gotten the better of me. True story. I'm at a warehouse, I see some potentially Steampunk pieces hanging on a rack. My fingers start to twitch.. "Oh my stars I see lots of custom pieces here". Then they make me an offer I can't refuse and next thing you know my Purple PT Cruiser is stuffed to the sunroof with what's left of the band!

I will keep a few to transform in my own special way but most of it is going cheaply to DIY costumers and Steampunkers.

What I know about the fabric is you can wash it in the machine. Don't put it in the dryer. The white will take dye. These are very well made and the style is no longer in production. I used a bit of prewash on the spots. Some came out others need more work with a Clorox bleach pen. I have 18 of each piece, Jackets, Bibs, Hats and Pants. Keep in mind that my model, Diana, is 6' tall.

I have 18 pair of pants, 12 jackets, 30 bibs and 15 hats. I will be addin a page with a list of all the measurements. For now Email meyour measurements in inches to check to see if I have the size you want.


This listing is for one jacket in as found condition. This is a very cool jacket. The tail is split so it can be worn over a bustle. Check my other listings for Bibs, Hats and Pants. The cuffs had duct tape on them so they will need to be stitched. There are a pair of shorts to match. They are stained but I will include them if you wish.

across shoulders 17"
chest 37"
collar to hem in the front 16"
armpit to cuff 17"
bicep 14"
collar 16"

Offered at $149.00
Sale Price $78.00

The packing, shipping & delivery confirmation are $15.00 for the lower 48. Outside the area email me for a shipping quote. Yes, I am happy to combine shipping on all of my items. I do ship internationally. Email me with any questions

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